Welcome to

Your Wellness

Positive Mental Health and Human Thriving
for individuals, communities and organisations.

Welcome to

Your Wellness

Positive Mental Health and Human Thriving
for individuals, communities and organisations.

Values we S.H.I.N.E by:

Strength. We are committed to designing strength-based lives

Hope. We create positive momentum for our clients towards their best lives

Integrity. We are robust and evidence-based in our professional and coaching practices

Nurture. We provide training and education that is safe, compassionate and inspirational.

Energy. We have boundless enthusiasm to luminate and uplift positive mental health

3 ½ reasons to call The Luminate Team:

Our Uplifting Training and Coaching Experiences.

The Luminate Team are interdisciplinary specialists that collaborate across the mental health and wellness fields to guide people towards healing, life transition and flourishing.

We deliver personal, inhouse, virtual and hybrid training and coaching to suit our client’s needs, budgets and locations.

Through evidence-based interventions, we empower individuals and groups to reach their optimal level of functioning, promoting long-lasting wellness and a strength-based approach to personal and professional life.

Mental Health
First Aid Training

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Accidental Counsellor
Course &
Psychosocial Safety

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Coaching &
Coach Training

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Creating Hope

At Luminate we support creative ways to communicate and inform about mental health and wellness. Our Wellness Director Rachael Edginton is currently working towards her PHD in the creative communication of Positive Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

If you have a creative way to communicate hope to others we’d love you to share with us. It may make a difference to another person who needs to know we are all in this together – and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Our featured artist is Grace Fox and we are proud to present her short video ‘’Awakening’.

Blog Articles

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